Air Cooled: Chiller, Split System, Self-Contained and Explosion-Proof Systems
Specifications and Factory Direct Prices
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Self-Contained Air Cooled

Flagship Marine Air-Cooled, Weather-Resistant, Roof-Mounted Systems

All components but the condenser blower are in the air-conditioner side of our units to prolong component life.

60,000 BTU(5 TON) unit shown – available in 208/230, 265, 380/420, 440/460, 575 volts – three phase, 50 or 60Hz – This is a roof mounted unit – alternate styles available.


The condenser end has four condenser coils and
a powerful sealed blower motor with a stainless shaft, hub and hardware.

This five ton unit has dual evaporators and return plenums and a single supply plenum.

Flagship Marines exclusive rolled 16 gauge stainless steel louvers result in greatly reduced air turbulence and greater air flow.

No more mold and mildew starting in your drain pan! We now manufacture sloped aluminum drain pans that are dry so the condensate water doesn’t have a chance to grow mold and mildew!!!

When real estate is in short supply, as it always is, how about ten tons (120,000BTUs) of air cooled chilled water on a 22"x 28" footprint!!!!!!

The outside panel features a six-row copper/copper condenser with six HP of blowers to accommodate the most extreme conditions!

How about 30 tons of air-cooled chilled water on an incredible 22″x 84″ footprint!!!!!!!

The inside panels are all removable for easy access to everything, and the eye-level, convenient electric box has ALL of the electrical components in it, next to the legendary, over the counter and bulletproof Ranco ETC controller, as well as our exclusive low voltage control center, refrigerant gauges and charging ports.

Flagship Marine components fit together with aircraft quality precision.

All sheet metal components are laser cut with aircraft/military quality tolerances in the ten-thousandths of an inch range as depicted here with the skeleton of an air-cooled chiller. Note the PEM nut inserts and numerous stainless steel rivets that result in a very rigid, strong and exacting structure.

Our new digital control is programmable or you can override the programs and manually control the temperature.

In addition to a host of features it has a back-lit screen for programming even in the dark.

ANY four wire battery-operated control will operate ANY Flagship Marine unit!

Personalize Your Thermostat!

We will laser etch your vessel name here for only $35.00!

Air Cooled: Self-Contained

Approximate Specifications
Model BTUs of cooling KW of electric heat Length in inches Width in inches Height in inches Amps (cool) 230V Wgt lbs. Price
FM24AC 24,000 4.0 42 44 28 14 240 CALL
FM36AC 36,000 4.0 40 26 24 19 280 CALL
FM48AC 48,000 8.0 42 53 28 28 325 CALL
FM60AC 60,000 12.0 57 40 28 32 375 CALL
FM96AC 96,000 12.0 78 40 48 32 425 CALL
FM120AC 120,000 16.0 112 81 55 32 475 CALL

Air Cooled: Chiller & Split System Condensing Units

(delete the evaporator and you have a split system condensing unit)

Approximate Specifications
CWAC = Chiller Water air cooled
SSAC = Split System air cooled
(condensing unit only)
BTUs of cooling Length in inches Width in inches Height in inches Amps (cool) 230V Wgt lbs. Price
FM24CWAC 24,000 42 39 28 225
FM60CWAC 60,000 43 38 28 14 350 CALL
FM60SSAC 60,000 40 26 24 19 350 CALL
FM120CWAC-V 120,000 43 38 53 28 475 CALL
FM120SSAC-V 120,000 57 40 28 32 475 CALL
FM120CWAC-H 120,000 43 60 28 32 475 CALL
FM120SSAC-H 120,000 78 40 48 32 475 CALL
FM180CWAC 180,000 43 38 78 525 CALL
FM180SSAC 180,000 525 CALL
FM240CWAC 240,000 43 60 53 675 CALL
FM240SSAC 240,000 675 CALL
FM360CWAC 360,000 43 60 78 875 CALL
FM360SSAC 360,000 875 CALL

Choose Flagship Marine for the most rugged, commercial quality air cooled and explosion-proof systems available!

Manufactured with Pride in the USA